Thursday, October 02, 2008


Here are some great pics of cakes i have done recently. i know some of you have seen them on facebook already but, these are for people who are interested in acquiring my services for their parties and such. so here are some "recent pictures"

this blue and white one was my best friends wedding cake back in may. it was a moist yellow cake with fresh strawberried and vanilla mousse inside. it was iced and decorated with cream cheese frosting.

This wedding cake was the first one i did at the hotel i used to work at. i don't remember the flavors inside, but it was iced with an italian buttercream frosting and decorated swiss dots and real yellow roses.

This one i also did at the hotel. it was for a friend. i think it was chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and large swirls.

This one is by far my favorite that i have done. it was for a friend in austin. i baked the cake at my apartment in san antonio, filled it and iced it and even put on the fondant also at my apt. then, i loaded it up, separately, in my truck, and drove 1.5 hrs to austin and put it in a hotel cooler. it was undecorated at the time. the hotel wouldn't let me use their kitchen for liability purposes, SO....i decorated the whole thing in my hotel room, right next to my bed. it was very fun. i had the bride, mothers, bridesmaids, all trooping through to look at the cake in process. this cake was a yellow cake, also with strawberries and vanilla mousse. it had a very thin layer of cream cheese frosting, then it was covered with fondant. the pink and green ribbon are real curling ribbon that i "wove" in and out of the cake and the flowers are real! i love this cake!

i did this cake for a friend of a friend las fall. it was the first wedding cake i had ever done out of my apartment. i don't remember all the flavors of this one.

I did this one back at the hotel. this was the brides 2nd marriage and she wanted a "fun" wedding cake that still looked like a wedding cake. it was a yellow cake with white chocolate mousse and raspberries. and iced with italian buttercream frosting which tasted AWFUL because of all the pink food coloring in it. and i tried everything to make it taste better and no matter what i did, it still tasted weird!! so, moral, if you want your cake to taste good, don't ask for pink or red icing...

i don't remember anything about this cake, at all...sorry, well, besides the fact that i made it :)

I made this cake for my dad's 50th suprise party last year. i baked the cakes down here in texas then carried them on the plane with me to st louis. and made the frosting at my aunts house and iced and decorated it there and took it to my parents house. the gun on top is a replica of my 9mm made out of cake and decorated with ganache and dark chocolate. the rest of the cake is a dark chocolate cake with ganache frosting.

This cake was the first cake i made with fondant over it. it also had gumpaste flowers on top.

This cake was also covered with fondant. this was an elaborate, very froo-froo cake. it had "lace" and bows and ribbon and flowers. it was really fun to make, and very pretty when it was done.

Those are some of my best and favorite cakes that i have done. If you would like to order a cake or have any questions just comment and leave contact info and i will get back to you. if you have read the redeemer classified, then you have my contact info and can just get right in touch with me. Thank you and hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hi Y'all!!

k, so obviously i suck i blogging! sorry. i am officially on facebook for those of ya'll who don't know. and i do a MUCH better job of keeping up with that. although lately i've kinda felt like i may have stuff to say. so i may still blog occasionaly. i am nowhere as good or as intersting at april phillips who has the best blog EVER!!!! so funny and fun to read! i am just boring.
san antonio is good. hot as h*ll!! seriously we are still in the upper 90's on a daily basis into the evenings. it is not fun. i LOVE my new job. for those who don't know i am the pastry chef of a new restaurant in SA called COCO Chocolate Lounge and Bistro and we just got a review and an article in Texas Monthly Magazine, you should read it. i am mentioned in it.
i am still making wedding cakes, just not thru work anymore. just on my own on the side. i LOVE it!! it is probably my favorite thing to do!! dunno what else to say. i miss all y'all st louis-ians!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

pray pray pray!!!!

i know i don't blog as often as i should, but i need y'alls help!! i have a HUGE decision in front of me. a job opportunity came up and i have to decide by tomorrow. so if anyone still looks at my blog, please pray for me. i am very confused and have no idea what to do. God dropped this job offer in my lap without me even looking for it. i have had a very rough last couple weeks at work and was thinking about looking for a new job and this appeared out of nowhere. it could be great and a way to get my name out there and so many other things. but i am having a very hard time weighing all the options. so please think of me while you are praying. i appreciate it all and miss everyone who i never get to see or talk to. THANKS TONS!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


this is a REALLY short update. i am still here and alive. the problem is that i have no internet access at my apartment currently so it is a really long process to blog. i am sorry i miss you all and am thinking about you and know you are thinking about me. i am very stressed right now so if y'all could keep me in you prayers i would greatly appreciate it!! love everyone! miss you even more than you guys know. bye for now, i will try to be better, but no promises. :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

kenny chesney!!

a couple of weeks ago i went to a concert here in texas. Kenny Chesney is one of my all time favorite country singers!! the concert was such a blast, we went to the verizon amphitheater in san antonio. it was supposed to pour rain that night, but it didn't. it was nice and cool and a beautiful night. we sat out on the lawn, but at the front of the lawn. I LOVE all of Kenny's songs. i took some fun pictures and i will put them up here.
I saw Live Free or DIe Hard last week.....twice. It was SO fun!! Bruce Willis is still as hot as ever!! he is the action heroe to beat up all other action heroes!! Yippee Kiyay!! :)
I also saw Transformers yesterday. that was just as much fun. i wasn't really sure what to expect, but it was awesome. i want to see it again already. Next week is all HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! i am hopefully going to a midnight showing tuesday evening. i can't wait!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

guns and shooting!!

so i went home a couple weekends ago for dad's surprise birthday party. it was so much fun, and he had no idea!! his face turned bright red when he walked in the door and about 60 people yelled SUPRISE!!! so i came home to make a big cake for him and this is what i made. it is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate with a gun made out of cake on top. yes, you read this correct, i made that gun out of cake and decorated it to look like a gun. it was so cool and tasted great. so, as some of you know, i LOVE to go shooting. the gun range i go to down here in texas has ladies night...pause for laughter...i think it is great. on tuesday nights i can go and shoot my gun with some of the other girls from my bible study completely for free!! i LOVE it. i have actually gotten a lot better. the range master tonght showed me a different way to hold and grip my gun, and i got SO much better.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

my kitty

ok, so this is a weird post. elisa, one of the girls i work with, and i started talking one day about stuffed animals. and it came up that we both had stuffed animals that are over 20yrs old. so, i told her i would take a picture of my kitty now, and steal a pic from my dads smugmug acount of before. so the first picture i think i was about 7-10yrs old. the kitty in my arms is already at least 5 years old, you can see that he is missing an ear and a tail. well the second picture is from the other day. seriously he is about 23 years old, at least. he is all patched up and sewn up, he never got a real name, he has and will always just be kitty, but i love him. =)